Small Wonders In-Home Childcare

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Business Hours 

Small Wonders is open 7 days a week. My enrollment schedule is based on each families individual childcare work/school needs and do not reflect the actual hours of operation. Once your childcare hours are stated you must stay within the time frame as to avoid possible overlapping with another families schedule. Your contracted hours are not necessarily the same as another families.

Arrival & Departure Procedure

Please be sure to sign your child in upon arrival and sign out upon departure. Please accompany your child into the center and assist them with taking off their jacket and shoes (if necessary). Shoes are to be removed upon entering the daycare and please teach your child to put their shoes, coats and other personal belongings in their cubby. I also ask that everyone remove their shoes when going beyond the entrance door. This is cleanliness and sanitary reasons for all in attendance, especially the infants. Your child will have their own cubby to place their belongings in.

Tobacco, Alcohol & Illegal Substance

Use of the above items is prohibited in the day care facility at all times for the provider, employees and parents of the children. A child will not be released at pick-up to an adult shows signs of being incapable or under the influence of an illegal substance.

Provider & Parent Communication

The relationship/partnership between parents and their chosen Childcare Provider is the most important and sacred relationship there is, they must share a mutual trust, respect and openness towards each other. It is not only beneficial for the parent to feel secure in leaving their child so they can pursue their needs, but it also benefits the child by allowing them to sense their parents trust and comfort level, therefore allowing them to feel safe and secure in a new environment. I have a total open communication policy. I do ask that parents schedule a meeting if the discussion will interfere with the quality of attention or time that I need to give to the children in my care, or take more then 5 minutes. I send home daily reports about your child's day and monthly new letter's to let you know what your child is learning and where you can participate.

I do encourage parents to get involved as much as possible in their children's Childcare experience. Kids love it when family members make that extra special effort to participate in a field trip, story time, parties/events and/or crafts.

Small Wonders Closings

We are closed all major holidays, with subject to change:

New Years Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Presidents Day

Good Friday


Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Columbus Day

Veteran's Day

Thanksgiving Day and the day after

Christmas Day and the day after

New Years Eve

Please note: If the holiday falls on a Saturday, then I will close that Friday before and if it falls on a Sunday, then I will be closed the following Monday.

I take two separate weeks vacation yearly. A notice will be posted and sent out far in advance as to when. You are required to find another provider or family member during my vacations.

If for any reason I have to close due to a family or personal emergency, I will notify you as soon as possible. I have one substitute provider who is trained in Health and Safety, Infant and Child CPR and First Aid and one emergency Licensed Family Home Childcare Provider, all have current finger prints on file with the Local and Federal Government and have passed all criminal background checks and physical examinations. I request that parents have an alternate person to watch your children in case my substitute or emergency providers are unavailable. It is the parents responsibility to have an emergency provider for such unforeseen cases.

Illness Policy

Children, who have a temperature of 100+, vomiting, diarrhea, or any contagious disease such as the flu, H1N1 virus, chicken pox, mumps, measles, a hacking cough and a constant runny nose or are showing signs that are out of the ordinary for your child, please keep them home and call their doctor to find out what you should do. There is 2 Communicable Disease Charts posted in the center, one is located outside the entrance to the Learning Center and the other is posted in the Infant Sleeping Area, please check these charts so that you will be aware of when you should keep your child home.

Open Door Policy

All parents and legal guardians are welcome to observe their child or myself without notice. I do ask that you ring the door bell and announce yourself as the doors are always locked for your child's safety and no strangers are allowed to enter at any time. I do ask that you do not come during our scheduled nap time of 12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. unless it is a extreme emergency where you have to pick up your child during that time, please call ahead so that I can have your child prepared and do not disturb the other napping/resting children.

Nap/Quiet Time

A daily nap will be taken from 12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. While I cannot and would not force a child to go to sleep, I do require that they lay down quietly on their assigned cot during nap time to respect the others that are willing and wanting to take a nap. They are allowed to chose and read 1 book during this time on their cots, they are not allowed toys during nap/quiet time.

Meal & Snack Information

This day care participates in the USDA food program. Meals meet the requirements set by the USDA. A child can either receive 2 meals and 1 snack or 1 meal and 2 snacks while on the food program. Only fat-free or 1% milk can be served, without a doctor’s note stating that the child has a dairy allergy.

Small Wonders provides breakfast, lunch and a snack for 1st shift. 2nd shift will be served dinner and a snack. Milk is served with lunch and dinner. 100% Juice or 1% Milk is served with snacks, and water is offered throughout the day. Meals are only served during the scheduled meal and snack times. Infants feeding schedule will vary. Food is never withheld for any reason. No pork products are served at meals.

Parents of infants are to provide all their basic needs, such as: all-ready prepared formula, juice, diapers, wet wipes, bibs, 2 change of clothes and baby food. Once a child turns one year of age, the Provider will provide all meals and snacks. When ready children are encouraged to feed themselves under supervision and to drink from a sipper cup, I will discuss this time with parents based on the child's physical and mental development.


A record of all childcare payments are kept for tax purposes. By the end of January year-end tax statements with a detailed summary of all childcare payments made for the previous year will be given to the parents along with a signed W-10 form and EIN for Small Wonders In Home Childcare so that you can claim your childcare expenses on your tax returns. Your signature is required on my copy as proof that you received the childcare payment summary and statement, you will have your own copy. The responsibility lays with the parents to arrange for their form to be picked up if they are no longer in attendance with Small Wonders. Statements will not be mailed.

Weather Policy

Small Wonders will close due to serve or threatening weather conditions such as: tornadoes, blizzards, serves wind chills and/or temperatures, loss of water or electrical power due to storms or mother nature. We will reopen when services are restored. Please check for messages/text from me or call ahead for weather related closings.

Staff Requirements

Each person working for Small Wonders must be in good health with no communicable diseases. Each person must be finger printed every 3 years to ensure the are have not been convicted of a felony crime, this applies to all over the age of 18 who, resides at address and follow all other requirements of the State of Ohio.

Other Important Information

All meals and snacks, learning materials and crafts are included in the Childcare fee. Field trips and transportation are extra fees.

Open communication is the key to a smooth transition and a successful relationship between Parent’s and the Childcare Provider. Allow sufficient time at drop-off and pick-up to fill out any medication forms or to request immunization forms as needed and to speak with me about urgent matters I need to know for that day (examples: illness, sleepless night, headaches or injuries, early pick-ups or alternate pick-up person).

At Small Wonders In-Home Childcare we use this website and several social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to advertise for new clients, keep current clients updated on their child's daily activities via photos and videos and to share childcare and educational information and activities. Other forms may be used without prior consent if written permission was granted for such activities at the contract signing.

* The policies on this website is just a very brief overview of the actual contract policies, the written contract is in greater detail and will over ride all policies listed here, as the policies that are on this website may be out dated and/or not listed here.